Chrissy Tignor

producer | engineer | berklee faculty





"After studying with her for 2 semesters, I had a chance to show her my artistic vision, strengths and weaknesses more in depth and she provided me some great opportunities which helped me improve my craft, widen my network and have “real world” experience during my last year as her Directed Study student. By her recommendations and connections I was placed in one of the industries best pop producer teams ( Berklee Songwriting Camp as a producer, and able to meet the most talented songwriters in school which I still make music with. Conversations with the Elev3n during the camp taught me so many things about what is happening in the industry right now and how to prepare myself for what was going to come after school. Living in New York City at the moment, I am still in touch with them.  Alongside in-school events, Chrissy has been greatly helping me to work and meet people internationally. She gave me an opportunity to work as a sound designer for the company FXpansion’s latest software synthesizer Strobe 2. I am currently producing music tracks for a producer who works in Lebanon. The connection, again, is made by Chrissy.

In addition to being a great teacher, her personality made me see her as a mentor and a friend as well.  She has been helping and supporting me in every topic I need help with by sharing her knowledge and providing every possible opportunity. I can easily say studying with/meeting her is one of the highlights of my Berklee career."

-Can Saka, former CWP student

"Chrissy is incredibly proficient at what she does as an engineer and producer. On top of that she is a musician who brings creativity and a vision to the session. Great collaborative efforts come out of working with someone whose technical abilities are matched by their innate skill to "know" music. Chrissy has an undeniable ear for what sounds good, inspiring, appealing. She's an innovator who will continue to add so much value to this industry and every project she is a part of."

- Lauren Hashian (Songwriter, Vocalist)

"Working with Chrissy is always a pleasure!  Her knowledge and passion about her craft is out of this world, which allows you as an artist to grow with your music and produce a great final product.  Not only is she intelligent, Chrissy makes her sessions extremely fun and uplifting while being serious and productive about her work!  She makes working with her desirable and easy, which is often hard to do.  Chrissy also has some amazing suggestions and solutions when you seem to be lost in the creative process.  An example from one of my sessions with Chrissy; I was trying to sing something over the top which just did not work completely for this particular section of the song.  Chrissy suggested an alternative to the vocal I was singing which was more pleasing to the ear and showcased me to my true potential.  I would recommend working with Chrissy to anybody who is looking for someone who encompasses as much heart, soul, knowledge and talent as Chrissy does!"

-Derek Capobianco (vocalist and songwriter)

"I believe Chrissy will bring originality, creativity and professionalism to any professional environment or academic institution, therefore I recommend her wholeheartedly."

-Stereo Mike (MTV Greece award winning rapper and producer)

"...she has proved herself to be a teacher and creative technologies practitioner of outstanding quality.  Her strengths are manifold but uppermost are her passions for innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.  I recommend Chrissy most highly - both as a highly gifted professional and as an individual of integrity and warmth."

-Alexis Ffrench (pianist, composer and Head of Keyboards and Music Technology at The Uppingham School)